COVID-19 Updates


Stay home if you are sick.

Masks required upon entry and at registration.

We ask that you adhere to CDC guidelines for indoor group activities:

Maintain as much distance as possible between yourself and other individuals, and use masks if they do not interfere with your activity. Use social distancing and limit physical contact


Maintain at least 6 feet of separation as much as possible in areas that may lead to close contact (within 6 feet) among other people, such as courts, cafe areas, check-in areas, parking lots, and routes of entry and exit.


Don't shake hands, give high-fives, do elbow bumps, or touch others because close contact increases the risk of acquiring COVID-19



Stay home if you are sick.

Please note schedule below to reduce overcrowding. 


Fridays – Triples (gender blind) AA, A, BB, B   check-in 9AM (play begins 9:30AM)  $90/team

Juniors Girls & Junior Boys Doubles and Quads 18/17/16/15/14/13/12   check-in 9:30AM (play begins 10AM)  Doubles $60/team

Quads $120/team

Saturday –Men's Open & Women's Open check-in 7AM (play begins at 8AM)  $100/teamM & $100/teamW   (100% payout!)

Men's & Women's Doubles AA, A, BB, B check-in 8AM (play begins 8:45AM)  $70/team

Sunday – Coed Doubles AA, A, BB, B check-in 8AM (play begins 8:45AM) $70/team

Quads A, BB, B  check-in 8AM (play begins 8:45AM) $140/team

Online registration closes at noon Thursdays for events that particular weekend.

New check-in rules to help reduce crowding:

1) Please have only one team rep check-in for your whole team.

2) Please have exact change with the whole team fee quickly available at check-in.

3) Please try to keep a reasonable distance from others in line.

4) Please note Juniors divisions will have a separate check-in line from Adult divisions on Fridays.

5) Please note Men's divisions will have a separate check-in line from Women's divisions on Saturdays.

6) Please note Open divisions and Quads and Coed will have their own check-in lines on Sundays, respectively.

7) Venmo payments accepted (Venmo info can be provided once you’ve formally registered)


For your safety, we are going to keep everything as clean as we can.  We ask that everyone be mindful of any unnecessary physical contact with surfaces and others.  We recommend that you bring enough food and liquids for the day, as we are still trying to work out a safe way to serve foodstuffs.  Players may also want to pack plenty of sunscreen, hand sanitizer, extra clothes, etc.  Sensible carpooling is also recommended. We are all in this together. Common sense practices will be your guide as well. This only works if we all work together to create a safe and fun environment.  I’ve notified local food trucks and ice cream vendors. Hopefully, they can carve out some time to visit us, as it’s great to support local businesses when possible.

We will also have volleyballs and ECV swag available for purchase. We look forward to an amazing weekend, and can’t wait to see you!  Watch this space for more updates 



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