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5 Team pool

  • 2 games

  • Rally to 21

  • Cap at 23

4 Team pool

  • 2 games

  • Rally to 25

  • Cap at 25


  • Serves are permitted to touch the net

  • You cannot open hand receive a serve

  • You cannot open hand receive a roll or free ball

  • You can open hand receive on an attack (spike)

  • Setting over the net is a violation

  • No player may touch the net during play, that is a violation

  • If a player goes under the net during a play but does not interfere with the play, that is legal

  • Going under the net and interfering with a play is a violation

Open Hand Receive Defined- A serve may be received with an open hand action if the ball is only contacted by the palm or other hard surface of one hand. NO fingers may be used while in serve receive.The ball must “pop” off the receiving surface, ball may not come to rest in any fashion. If using two hands,hands must be touching or together when receiving the serve. If hands are not touching, that is a violation.



  • Substitutions are not permitted in doubles or quads​

  • Doubles- In the case of an injured player you may have someone "fill in" to complete pool play but you will not make playoffs. The player must be level appropriate and approved by all teams on the net

  • Quads - you may continue with the remaining players


  • Players will ref each other’s matches

  • Please be courteous and respectful to each other

  • We ask that NO parents get involved - please see below for further explanation of what is expected and not expected as a parent of a player

  • Pay attention, ask ECV Staff questions if you do not know something.

  • No phones while working

  • Document the win/loss and the scores in the appropriate areas on the top sheet.

  • The top team from each pool is responsible for completing the top sheet on the clipboard and returning it to ECV staff

  • The top team must signify which teams placed first, second, third, and fourth.


  • When age groups are combined, there is a chance that they will be separated for play offs. Make sure to check

with the ECV staff before leaving

  • Format

    • 14 and under - 1 game to 25, no cap

    • 15-18 - Best of 3 (21, 21, 15, no cap)​


  • Please feel free to be a spectator and enjoy watching your team play

  • No parents should ever interfere with officiating or clarifying the rules - not even a little

  • Please feel free to alert staff to any issues or concerns

  • No parents should ever direct comments or criticism to the players

  • Please feel free to cheer on your team in a way that is positive and supportive to all players

  • No parents should be coaching

  • ​Please understand the ECV staff's priority is to support and protect the players

Please Remember: ECV Staff is always here to help. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to come to the Pavilion and grab a staff person. ECV staff will be available and walking around the field.

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